Chris Perron
VP of Mortgage Lending

In addition to putting myself through intensive training in this very complex industry, I've spent a good deal of time with a highly successful financial team at a previous company. That being said, as VP of Mortgage Lending with Guaranteed Rate, I'm now well equipped to provide any potential borrower with a highly personalized service, and the best possible financial solution to fit their needs.
As many are aware, the mortgage industry has become highly regulated since the crash of 2008. This has taken away much of the financial competitive advantage that lenders were once able to use as leverage. Today, the products that one lender can offer won't be significantly different from the next. While I promise to provide the lowest possible rates and competitive fees, you will find my defining quality lies in service. After spending my entire professional career in the Las Vegas service and hospitality industry, I recognize the importance of genuinely sincere and honest business. Providing all of the necessary information and best possible options, along with being open and available to customers' needs throughout the process, is what I will provide. Very few of my competitors have the ability, or the desire, to compete with that.
I recognize that every borrower has a unique situation as well as a list of wants and needs. From a standard conventional loan, to VA, FHA, Jumbo, or one of the many different down payment assistance programs, I've made it a priority to familiarize myself with the extensive list of products and options available, and vow to educate my clients on the potential pros and cons of each path. I am also willing and able to take the time to work with borrowers' credit and/or financial challenges; assisting them in getting into a position where they can obtain their home purchase goals.
I strive to combine every tool that I have to provide the best possible experience in what can be a highly stressful process and hope to have the opportunity to continue to offer that throughout my career with each and every client I work with.

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