Dan Gjeldum
Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Meet my team:

David Dakoske - VP of Mortgage Lending: David and I have been working together for 9 years. He is me, when I am not available. He can answer any and all questions about financing your home and also advise on any part of the mortgage process. 773-654-2036 • david.dakoske@rate.com

Jennifer Zofkie – Production Manager: Jennifer is my Business Partner and Operations Manager. She quarterbacks the process, manages the team, and will get involved when needed to ensure complete satisfaction throughout your experience with us. 630-364-7593 • jennifer.zofkie@rate.com

Lisa Burgos – Client Concierge: Lisa is involved in the entire process with the team, but she will be involved on the client level at the beginning with document collection/review and then at the end, she will work with you around final figures and coordinating the funds transfer to title. 312-881-4318 lisa.burgos@rate.com

Stephanie Caliendo – Loan Coordinator: You’ll hear from Stephanie once the loan is approved in Underwriting. She’ll reach out and give you the next steps in obtaining the final approval, along with requesting any additional documents the underwriter is requesting from you. Stephanie also handles the conclusion of your loan, once final approved. She ensures you’re prepared for closing by sending you an estimated bottom line, confirms your final loan terms via a closing disclosure that will require an electronic signature, and coordinates the delivery of your final figures. 630-869-1071 • stephanie.caliendo@rate.com

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