Danny Delgado
Branch Sales Manager/SVP

Danny has been in the residential mortgage business since 1992. He first started young, only 21, and soon learned that he would have to prove himself through his knowledge of the business. Danny made strong connections with his clients and quickly proved himself. To ensure a smooth mortgage process, it begins with getting pre-approved. Before you start your house hunt, Danny will confront all your questions and concerns so you're shopping in confidence. He will collect all the documents needed for your approval as if you had actually purchased a home. This way your loan is being reviewed upfront so both Danny and you will know what to expect when the real house comes along. Danny's goal is to create a client for life by providing the best experience a client could have while making, possibly, the biggest investment of their life. Danny Feels he's been a success if that client refers him to a friend, co-worker, or family member.

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