David Grillo
VP of Mortgage Lending

My career in the mortgage banking industry has spanned over 40 years and various states. During this time, I have held positions at many levels and continue to enjoy a very rewarding and exciting career. As happy as I have been with my career choices throughout my years of experience, I have never been more excited than I am now by working at Guaranteed Rate. I am surrounded by a staff full of talented, highly experienced associates. We are there to help each other by providing support to our clients, business associates and our community. The fact is that people still need home loans whether they are purchasing or refinancing. The challenge is to get the right advice and help from someone they can truly trust. It takes years of experience to fully understand all the loan programs available. I have that experience and I have worked hard to consistently stay on top of market changes. Please contact me and we can start building a valuable relationship. I own a 2nd home in Mt. Pleasant South Carolina and now work with Guaranteed Rate, a company lending in all 50 states. Since I'm a home owner in Charleston County along with my 40 years of lending experience gives me a distinct edge in assisting in the homebuyer process.

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