Dione Oliver
Branch Manager

My journey, both personally and professionally, has been an eventful one to say the least. Throughout my life I have always worked in customer service and sales, it was what I was meant to do. My career in the real estate and mortgage industry began in 2000, by answering phones for a very well-known real estate company in Genesee County. I mastered that quickly and desired a more challenging position. I was hired as a personal assistant to one of the top producing new real estate agents in the same office. I thoroughly enjoyed this new world! It allowed me to meet new people daily and serve others at the same time. I remember loving my work very much, but due to a change of circumstance in my personal life, I needed more financial independence as well as freedom in my day to accommodate the life changing experience before me. Thankfully there was an answer be-bopping up and down the halls of this real estate company regularly. I didn’t know it at the time, but this extremely talented and spunky young woman would help change my life, my son’s life and the lives of many to come. She was very approachable, so I asked her one day what it was exactly that she did that kept that smile on her face and a pep in her step. She graciously explained her story and I was intrigued. I interviewed with her immediately following that conversation and she hired me on the spot. There I was, a loan officer! I had no idea what I was doing but was determined to learn whatever I could and quickly. Well, let me tell you, it was not easy! While learning the ways of the mortgage world (self-driven income and commission based only) I still worked as an assistant to the realtor from 9am to 3pm daily. I saw my son in the mornings and evenings which was tough on us both, but it has proven to be worth it. I was rookie of the year at the mortgage company my very 1st year. I had found a love greater than I could imagine in this industry that allowed me independence and the ability to help others in the process. It was not just a job; it was a blessing. Since then I have only worked for two other mortgage companies prior to coming on at Guaranteed Rate in March of 2020. My road has not been an easy one, but I absolutely love what I do. In order to serve my clients and realtors well, I must ask hard questions and hear stories of defeat and triumph. It is still strange to me to look around and see what I do every day, what I have survived and what I have watched others survive. I still hear people say if they could change this or change that, they would, but as I look back over my nearly 20-year career and life in general, I don't know that I would change anything. Everything that I have experienced, endured, overcome, mistakes made have all molded me into the person I am today. Without all the ups and the downs, I wouldn't be that person and I certainly wouldn't have the knowledge and understanding of not only this ever-changing business, but life. Ultimately, I am grateful for all the opportunities that I have been given over the past 20 years and the people who have helped me achieve my goals. It has been worth the tears, the laughter, the hard work, and the long hours. Thank you for letting me share a little bit of my story with you, now sit tight as there is much more to come as I begin this exciting new journey with Guaranteed Rate.

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