Dwayne Brown
Mortgage Specialist

I am a reformed Angeleno of Southern California recently transplanted to Sunny Florida. I am missing my favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants of LA, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I am Father to two adopted daughters who somehow manage to be both my pride and joy and a never-ending source of hair loss for me all at the same time. I was a Scuba Instructor in my youth and still jump at the chance to dive when travelling. I have lived long enough to understand that life is service. Great service (not money) is all any of us really want and I would challenge those who believe otherwise to try and think of just one thing that they can spend their own hard-earned money on that would not require at least one other human being to serve them in some manner or another. I am a firm believer in that I have no right to expect (and little chance of receiving) great service in my own life if I am not first giving it to others. With that said, whenever I make new acquaintances whether potential clients or not, I endeavor to do just that; serve them in whatever greatest-way benefits them the most. I am confident that the same great service I give to others will eventually make its way back to me.

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