Emily Weston
Loan Officer

I grew up in a large, Italian family in small town West Virginia. With family running real estate and mortgage companies, teaching post-doctoral courses at the university, performing in musical theatre, and piloting planes, you can imagine that sitting down for Sunday supper was quite an exciting experience. My favorite part has always been the stories. West Virginians are known for their storytelling and my family is no exception. The New Jersey Italian side would talk through solutions for the latest homes they listed or loan they saved. The rural West Virginia side would coo through a song on the piano or wave to friends on the front porch with the sweetest iced tea this side of the Ohio River. Now, when we talk, I’m going to ask you this question. “What’s important about getting this loan for you?” The reason I ask is because why you want to purchase or refinance is different than why your best friend, your parents, or even the person in the car next to you in traffic would. Your “why” is where we start. Whether it’s that first investment property to diversify your portfolio, a house closer to family so the kids can grow up together, that dream home with Gulf access you’ve been eyeing, or getting rid of that mortgage insurance to save up faster to renovate. We’ve all got a why and it changes with each home we buy or refinance. The seasons of our life are different and having a lender who listens to your current needs with a nod to your future goals will align you with a path to achieve your “why”. When we listen, we learn so much about people – and I think that’s a quality often overlooked this day and age. I leverage industry-leading technology and listen at the same time. Novel, right? I’ve worked in what’s lovingly referred to as the “back-office” in mortgage processing, closed loans involving actual pen and paper for a regional bank, and now, working at a top mortgage company with access to more investors and resources to help my clients than ever before. So, enough about me, because you are here for a reason. If you’re thinking about a new home, refinancing the one you love, or simply stopping by – welcome! Shoot me a text or send me an email. Let’s work together!

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