Licensed in NY, NJ, CT, MA, PA, FL, CO, CA!

Jacqueline Frank
SVP of Mortgage Lending

Even though real estate transactions take place every day, it is not every day occasion for most buyers and borrowers, and it can be stressful. With Jackie, it doesn't have to be. Jackie knows it's an opportunity to serve someone and make their life and finances line up for the better. It can seem complex, so having an expert on your side like Jackie is essential.

MASTERY & INTEGRITY Jackie is a widely trusted mortgage expert. Since 1998, she's developed a reputation for her market savvy, creativity, and nuanced strategy, matched with integrity and tenacity. Her clients are well served and well equipped for today's competitive real estate markets. Based in NYC, she's sought out for her mastery of condos, coops, luxury real estate, and 2nd homes. As a leader of well-rounded team, she's able to help with just about every type of real estate transaction, from first-time buyers to down-sizers and seasoned investors to luxury buyers. Jackie is licensed in NY, NJ, CT, MA, PA, FL, CO, CA.

TENACITY & CREATIVITY By consistently delivering in all market cycles while offering exceptional service, her business has thrived based on referrals from past clients and professional partners. Jackie is a valuable collaborative asset to real estate agents, wealth managers, and other trusted advisors.

GENEROSITY Jackie is an amazing resource to her clients. As an influential member of BNI (Business Network International), Jackie has developed relationships with some of the best professionals in the region. She takes great pride in giving well-qualified referrals, so her clients are receiving the best care and expertise. At work and at large, Jackie brings a generosity of spirit and love of laughs. She has a passion for stand-up comedy, a love for tennis, and for her Shih Tzu named Jagger. And, if you dig a bit further, you might also find images of Jackie ballroom dancing.

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