Keith Zielaskowski
VP of Mortgage Lending

I have my mother to thank for my 30-plus years in the mortgage business. After I graduated from Widener University with a double major in Finance and Business Management in 1986, I landed a job in the commercial loan sector. I was quite good at it, but I was serving people across the entire country and felt a lack of personal connection with my customers. I eventually decided to get my Series 6, Series 7, and Life Insurance licenses and began working for a financial planner. My mother enters my career path story shortly thereafter. She called to tell me that a real estate broker was hosting a presentation at the local Sheraton. I said, "Mom, I don't do real estate or mortgages." Her response? "I know, but they have free food and drink!" Sold. That will get a young guy to the party. At that function, I met the Branch Manager who set up an interview and I was hired less than two weeks later. And so began my mortgage career. In 1989, I opened my own mortgage company. I was a broker with a warehouse line, and I employed 28 people who originated, closed and funded. After more than 20 years, I realized that I once again felt disconnected from my customers. I was spending my time as a manager instead of a loan originator. I wanted to return to my passion for helping people get into their new homes and knew I needed to step away from managing staff. This led me to leave the broker world and begin working for a mortgage banker. After several years, I found myself looking for sweeping change. I wanted nothing less than AMAZING for my customers and my own personal growth. This led me to make the move to Guaranteed Rate. I am now part of a team that makes the best use of today’s technology, has an incomparable support system, and is constantly striving to improve the mortgage experience.

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