Kris Richard
VP of Mortgage Lending

Looking to obtain a house? Need financing? I am driven to help people with home buying, investments and 2nd home needs. I work with a diverse clientele spanning from first-time buyers to international investors. I have many programs that are unique which means more options for you. In the industry for 23+ years, from title, real estate and mortgage makes me well rounded in the whole overall process. I am able to provide solid mortgage advice and get you prequalified. YOU should connect with me if: 1. You're looking to purchase a home 2. You're looking to invest in property 3. You're needing to refinance to lower rate or get cash out 4. You're looking for a top notch lender who can lend nationwide. Trust me as I have been through the mortgage and refinancing process myself and I know first hand that it can be stressful. I can guide and support you through the financing process answering all your questions and making you comfortable so that is it as stress free as possible. Specialties: Jumbo loans, investments, self-employed, veteran loans, first-time home buyers, new construction, relocation, renovation My goal is to earn your confidence throughout the process and become your mortgage advisor for many years to come.

Using funds from a Cash-out Refinance to consolidate debt may result in the debt taking longer to pay off as it will be combined with borrower's mortgage principle amount and will be paid off over the full loan term. Contact Guaranteed Rate for more information. Company) has no affiliation with the US Department of Veterans Affairs

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