Luis Rosado
Loan Officer

Originally from the Bronx, Luis lives in the Tampa Bay area with his wife of 29 years and his two pit bull puppies and anxiety ridden kitten. He has two beautiful adult children and three gorgeous grandchildren, the youngest just turning one. This increase in family ignited a spark that required him to take a step back and reevaluate what was his particularly normal life. The lines between working to live and living to work had blurred and something had to give. The work/life balance had to be restored. And so, our hero’s journey begins…. After working in the corporate accounting world for over 20 years, Luis decided to take a leap of faith and switch career paths. It was a terrifying, yet exciting moment in his life. He studied hard to become a licensed mortgage loan originator, passed the exam, got his license, and began his journey with Guaranteed Rate. Luis’s experience as a corporate accountant provided him with the necessary skills to build relationships and provide executive level customer service. The analytical skills acquired allows him to conversate with each client and based on those conversations determine the right loan program for the first-time homebuyer or the seasoned homeowner. Being a trusted advisor of one of the biggest purchases in one’s life and making that process as clear, smooth, and predictable as possible is an honor. Luis takes every opportunity to make sure each person is comfortable with every step of the process by providing clear communication, timely emails, and being accessible for the client’s needs. At Guaranteed Rate, Luis embraced their core values and belief in the culture of positivity. They believe that Luis is amazing and can accomplish anything he wants in his career and life! With that level of encouragement, Luis had no choice but to join GR on the journey to restore his work/life balance.

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