Maddox Rees
SVP of Mortgage Lending

Maddox Rees, an expert at funding jumbo and super jumbo loans, is renowned for providing world class service to sophisticated clients and for resolving complex financial transactions. A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, Maddox annually ranks in the top 99.99% of mortgage originators nationwide and has finished in the top 3 for average loan size for each of the past several years. Maddox’s education and training in writing and finance empower him to package, present and close loans that only a handful of top professionals in the industry would even attempt. He is known as a “Miracle Worker.” Maddox is also a father of three sons and when not watching their sporting and musical events, enjoys singing, ocean sports and travelling. In his spare time, he is currently co-authoring a business book with international motivational speaker Major Anthony Bourke. Prior to coming to Guaranteed Rate, Maddox and his outstanding team served as the in-house lenders for two of the highest rated Realty offices in the world (in Montecito/Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills), winning several awards and an ongoing stream of referrals from satisfied Realtors and clients. The team is elated to be part of Guaranteed Rate. “We’ve always been able to deliver superior service and results,” says Maddox. “Now we have the premier technology, superior Realtor support tools and, most of all, outstanding rates. Guaranteed Rate is a household name in the rest of the country and we’re excited to be part of their expansion into California and sharing their great offerings with our clients.” In today’s ultra-regulated lending environment, trying to negotiate the mortgage process without professional help is a stress-inducing, months’ long nightmare of paperwork and aggravation with only slim chances of success. Whether you’re rolling down a $300,000 conforming loan or needing help on a $10M purchase, Maddox and his team will navigate the process for you with optimal results – call them today!

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