Michael Bischof
Regional VP of Mortgage Lending

Today's complex financial environment mandates that financially astute Americans fully understand the value of strategically integrating a mortgage into their entire financial picture. To create wealth, most investors (and advisors) focus almost exclusively on managing assets to increase net worth. Early on, we were taught that (Net Worth = Assets minus Liabilities.) The liability side of the balance sheet is often neglected or at best given surface level attention. This begs the question: As a homeowner, who is managing your liabilities? As a financial advisor, who is managing your client's liabilities? The "traditional" mortgage industry mistakenly markets itself as a fulfillment channel that facilitates the delivery of a simplistic product for a seemingly simplistic need. Herein presents the problem. With 29 years in the mortgage management business, I am a financial advisor that chooses to focus exclusively on the mortgage/liability side of the balance sheet. I work closely with my client's key advisors to present and implement the best practices and strategies on behalf of the client. In the end, my tangible deliverable to the clients and advisors is not only a mortgage but a broader appreciation of liability management. Clearly, the manner in which we determine an optimal strategy separates us from anyone else in our industry. We elevate the client and advisor's understanding and utilization of core financial principles such as opportunity cost, positive leverage, arbitrage, simple versus compounding interest, and ROI calculations.

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