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Michael Most
Senior Loan Officer

Michael has been the # 1 originator in Purchase volume both at Citibank and Capital One Home loans, and consistently ranks top ten amongst all Banks. He specializes in finding the best deal, whether that’s through alternative funding or just unrivaled home loan knowledge. Take Sarah - she was looking to refinance the original property we got for her. She came to me with what looked like an unbeatable deal, but thanks to the network I have, I was able to offer a quarter point lower with zero closing costs. That quarter point gave her a mortgage that unlocked more equity for home renovations, and that all important extension for her upcoming second child. After doing this for 18 years, he is an expert at anticipating problems before they arise - Michael believes in upfront, timely communication throughout the mortgage process, to make sure everything runs smoothly. It’s why he works with my customers again and again, whether it’s a first home mortgage or a refinancing deal.

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