Molly Briggs
SVP of Mortgage Lending

Molly is a Guaranteed Rate Presidents Club member, and currently ranked in the Top 1% of Loan Originators in America.

I grew up in Philadelphia and Roosevelt Island and graduated from Emory University with a degree in Economics/English and Columbia with a MA. My first real job out of college was at NBC Network Sales where I was a sales assistant and gave out tickets to VIPS for David Letterman and SNL. That was a lot of fun! From there I moved into advertising sales but when I got married and had my first child, I took a six year hiatus to spend time with my kids, who are now 24 and 27. When I returned to work I decided to start a new career in the mortgage business and have never looked back. I believe in home ownership and enjoy helping folks find the right loan program and seeing them strengthen themselves financially and emotionally through their real estate transactions. I love my job! Finding a home can be very stressful and I like to ease that stress as much as possible.

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