Nathan Caruso
AVP of Mortgage Lending

Nathan is known around the office and by his clients for his attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations in the mortgage industry. His love of research and background in compliance make him an invaluable asset for clients hoping to qualify for a loan. Nathan understands how important it is to identify any issues that could hold up the loan process upfront, before going under contract. Each loan program has its own unique rules that can be updated at any time, and Nathan makes sure he is always up-to-date on any changes. This approach saves his clients time and money while ensuring a smooth loan process. Nathan understands the impact he has when helping people with the biggest purchase of their lives. He engages homebuyers personally, answering questions and providing objective advice so they can make confident, well informed decisions. Nathan has always been naturally competitive, whether it be academically or when playing sports. He brings the same mentality to work – constantly striving to make sure his clients are in the best position possible to win a contract on their dream home. Nathan lives in Northern Virginia, and when time allows, he enjoys playing music, tennis, and spending time with his dog Ellie. He also makes time to partner with local non-profit agencies to provide free homebuyer education classes in the Northern Virginia area.

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