Peter de Jong
VP of Mortgage Lending

"It's a Grate day for hockey"

Peter de Jong (pronounced De Young) was born and raised in MN. Both his parents, Jim and Sheila, were educators. Peter attended the University of Chicago and graduated with a B.S. degree in Political Science in 1990. In college, Peter met his spouse Jill. Jill and Peter are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary in 2022. Peter and Jill have 4 boys - Derek (20), Jacob (17), Liam (17), and Ryan (14). After college, he began his career in mortgage lending. Peter has worked for 3 companies over that 30 year period in sales and branch management. He is honored to build a production team at Guaranteed Rate for the remainder of his career serving families with dream of homeownership.

Outside of mortgage lending, Peter has been an active participant of AREAA - Asian Real Estate Association of America since 2006. In 2021, Peter served as the first Caucasian AREAA Greater Chicago Chapter President. AREAA has over 40 chapters and 17,000 members nationwide helping AAPI (American Asian Pacific Islander) families achieve sustainable homeownership. Joining AREAA was a great fit for Peter as he honored his parents commitment to education and embracing the cultures of the world and along the way making great friends.

Peter can also be found at a rink, a frozen pond, or skating ribbon on any given day. He currently serves as the Chicago Romans Hockey Club President for the boys and girls high school hockey teams. Peter also coaches for the Chicago Jets Hockey Club as he is a USA Hockey Level 4 certified hockey instructor. If Peter could tweak a line or two from the show "Ted Lasso", it would be that "Hockey is Life" Peter enjoys helping children learn the life skill of skating, becoming resilient in life through playing sports, and developing friends for life through hockey. Peter is grateful for the many friendships he has developed around hockey and enjoys continuing to play hockey with friends and family today.

Lastly, what is Peter's why for joining Guaranteed Rate? If you were fortunate enough to watch the 1980 Olympic hockey game of team USA vs. team Russia, you know that team USA won that game 4-3 with "Do you believe in miracles" being uttered by announced Al Michaels as time expired. Homeownership is a miracle, it is a gift, it is precious. It creates families, it creates communities, it creates economies, it creates wealth. When team USA won that game, it was more than a game. Those 20 players lifted the spirit of our country at a time when we needed it most. Nobody thought that team USA could win that game. Nobody. Except those players and coaches. Many people face discouragement or worse discrimination trying to purchase arguably their biggest purchase of their lives - a home. If want to purchase a home, it is my job to help you believe you can, serve you in preparing and training to do so, and ultimately be a mentor and friend in helping you reach the podium. If you want to be a homeowner.....just come along with my team and I! Guaranteed Rate has the programs, the technology, and the capacity with assistants and pod operation teams to help customers and real estate professionals move the puck quickly towards the net, score a goal, and close both on time and quickly in competitive real estate market.

My team and I are honored to serve you. Have a question, our team is ready to serve!

Peace, prosperity, and joy to you!

Peter de Jong

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