Phillip Cannon
SVP of Mortgage Lending

An extraordinary mortgage broker for everyday lives.

Phillip is a problem solver. For many clients, his role is simply to make it easier to get a well-structured mortgage. For others, his involvement makes the critical difference. Phillip is renowned for his service and high success rates: he’s been the top rated broker on Yelp since 2007, and one of the top producers in his field since 2010. That success can be attributed to a willingness to do more than expected. People are often rejected for a loan from the big banks simply because they don’t meet the rigid banking criteria. That’s where Phillip steps in with a range of approaches: presenting your situation in the best light, exploring other types of lending or helping you prepare for another application in the future. If the best solution is to go to family for support, Phillip can help you structure that conversation. He can even act as a disinterested third party, to facilitate understanding.

Understanding from personal experience.

Phillip’s experience of buying property in San Francisco helped him define what a mortgage broker ought to be. The mortgage broker he used rarely got in touch or tried to help him understand the process in more depth. Phillip knew he could do better – since then he’s been operating his business with a passion for communication and educating clients.

Can Phillip help you?

  • First-time property buyers throughout California
  • Families going through life changing events in need of a mortgage
  • You’ve had no luck getting a mortgage from a big bank If you would like to make it easier to get a mortgage – especially if you don’t fit in the bank’s ‘instant approval’ box – give Phillip Cannon a call.
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