Roslyn Williams
Loan Officer

Roslyn Williams has dedicated her career to helping people achieve their dreams. Trained as an engineer, her career path has taken her through multiple industries with one clear focus. She moves people and organizations towards the fulfillment of their most significant objectives. She is a visionary, skilled communicator, and effective problem solver. Being able to help people achieve the dream of home ownership, stay in their homes, and build generational wealth are the fuel that motivates her in this work. Roslyn is a proud wife and mother of three who loves to dance, travel, read, and spend time with family and friends. She is competitive and loves playing sports...even those in which such doesn’t excel. She confidently embraces challenges and sees failure simply as an opportunity to learn. Her life’s mantra is “Can’t is not a word in my vocabulary. I may not be great at everything, but I can DO ANYTHING!”

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