Rudy Lopez
Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Se habla Español! Welcome!

Looking for the perfect mortgage? I am here to help.

With each of my clients having unique mortgage requirements based on property types, credit scores, employment histories, bank account balances, monthly housing budgets, various short-term and long-term objectives, I look forward to working with you in securing the best mortgage terms to accommodate your individual needs.

My personal objectives in working with you are to: • Provide you with realistic expectations. • Keep you informed. • Streamline the mortgage process as simple as possible. • Provide excellent interest rates with the least possible costs. • Close your mortgage loan in a timely manner. • Stay in touch with you even after closing to keep you up-to-date on the mortgage market in hopes of securing even lower rates for you in the future. In return, I simply ask you to provide documentation my team needs expediently for purchase pre-approvals or refinancing.

Our Digital Mortgage process allows you to complete a mortgage application online easily and secure by clicking on the above "Apply Now" button as well as permits you to upload required documents within minutes. As we work together on financing your property, one very important point for you to remember is, the interest rate market moves every day. It waits for nobody to make a decision. However, my support team and I are here ready to move forward when you are. Feel free to reach me anytime via phone or email. Serving you and your referrals is greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Rudy

Aviso de Exención de Responsabilidad: Todas las negociaciones y los Documentos de Transacciones de Préstamos Hipotecarios se realizarán y serán proporcionado en Inglés. Le sugerimos que trabaje con un intérprete de su elección. Podrá encontrar más información sobre el proceso de préstamo en español en https://www.consumerfinance.gov/es/herramientas-del-consumidor/hipotecas

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