Sharbel Shamoon
VP of Mortgage Lending

Sharbel began his career as a Loan Officer in 2004, and quickly earned a reputation for his exceptional work ethic. Early on in his career, Sharbel was already earning some of the top accolades in lending for his high level of service. Sharbel knows what his clients expect of him and works hard to exceeds those expectations. He prides himself on working to continually advance his relationships with clients, whether former or current. “I love meeting new people and building long-lasting relationships,” he says. “I am very big on relationship-building, and I make worthwhile introductions to people in my network every day.” Sharbel also credits his “incredible support team” as a foundation for his success. “My agents and clients are amazed at how fast we close deals,” he says. Sharbel has built a support team around him that has earned him an unmatched reputation for accessibility, communication, and service to all parties involved in each loan.

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