Tyler Netotian
Loan Officer

I am Tyler Netotian, Loan Officer at Guaranteed Rate. I graduated from Ohio University in strategic leadership and management and marketing. I started in this business as a personal banker selling HELOC's (home equity lines of credit) in groceries stores. Then I became an underwriter where I achieved quality awards for my underwriting skills and knowledge. I was then offered an opportunity to get back into sales and I accepted. I felt I could better assist borrowers and agents with my extensive knowledge of product guidelines to make a fundamental home buying experience.
I live by a few mottos, and they all come into play at different points in my life. 1. It's never over until its over. 2. Never give half effort when nothing is preventing you from giving 100% effort. 3. Never speak unless knowledgeable and if knowledgeable wait your turn to speak. 4. If you have the ability to achieve greatness then you have the responsibility to achieve greatness.
Just like Kobe, I want my work and personal footprint with my time on this Earth to also be synonymous with hard work, intelligence, and passion. I want to be known as the most thoughtful, knowledgeable, and hardworking loan originator of all time when it is all said and done. The best compliment I can receive is from a client to tell me that they experienced the most seamless and easiest home buying experience they have ever experienced. The loans that make it all worth it is when we are working a more challenging file andsomeother lenders turned down the borrower. Then they find me, and we make their dreams come true.
I believe my core values have never been more in line with a company than they have been at Guaranteed Rate. The technology is out of this world, so that will absolutely make it easier for borrowers to not just apply for a mortgage, but to get through the entire process with minimum documentation requirements and with minimum stress. This technology also extends to myreal estate agentpartners as it will be so easy for them to refer customers, set up marketing materials, and receive live status updates and so much more. Ask me about Agent Advantage.
The team and process at GR issome ofthe best in the business which also enhances my efforts as every employee in the process shares my same mentality and passion to get the job done.
Let's get started with the best home buying experience you will ever have today.

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