Victor Alarcon
VP of Mortgage Lending

After discovering that he did not want to follow in the footsteps of his father being a physician, he took on the roles that still embodied what his father practiced; sacrificing your time to service others, staying true to your integrity no matter what, and providing back to your community without bluster.
Victor was destined to become a mortgage lender. He loves being in service to others. He has been in the consumer sales and finance industry since 1995 and understands that the purchase of a home is the greatest accomplishment an individual can achieve.
Due to his experiences and passion of his craft, Victor loves to make people laugh. He realizes that his clients are more at ease if he can relate with them. He tells everyone that he is in Mortgage Lending due to his modeling and professional soccer careers still not taking off!
Among making an impact as a mortgage professional, Victor is also a loving husband, father to a son an daughter, stepfather, and recently a proud and loving grandfather.
Victor is making his mark!

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